Future Plans

120 Feet high Rosary Park with Adaikala Madha Statue at the Top

The fame of Elakurichi was known the whole of Tamilnadu right from the time of Veeramamunivar. The signs that our Blessed Mother smiles, touches upon the rosary, speaks with out words, invite us to spread her glory further to the whole world. As a small step, we plan with the blessings and approval of our beloved bishop of kumbakonam, Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. Antonysamy.DD, to construct a Rosary park, 120 feet high with five layers

Ist Layer

All the statues of Our Lady appeared in different parts of the world will be erected with their historical background and importance.

2nd Layer

The history of Elakurichi and miracles of Adaikalamadha will be displayed. The life history of Veeramamunivar and his literary master pieces will also be exhibited.

3rd Layer (Bible in Digital)

Lots of childern do visit the Shrine regularly. In order to attract them towards the word of God, the biblical stories will be shown in sound and light.

4th Layer

As we go up we also need to raise our minds and hearts. Adoration Chapel will adorn the top of the Tower.

Top Layer

On top, we will erect 53 feet statue of Our Blessed Mother (Adaikalamadha - Our Lady of Refuge) made out of mixture of five metals (Pancha Logam) by world renowned sculptures (stabathis) from Swamimalai, Tamilnadu, India

Madha Kulam (Sacred Pond)

King of Ariyalur Arengappa Malavarayar affected with an incurable cancerous mole (Raja Pilavai) approached veeramamunivar to heal him.

Munivar knowing fully well his inability to do so, sought the refuge of Mother Mary. Heeding the prayers, our blessed mother brought forth a miraculous spring like in Lourds.

He applied the soil mixed with the spring water on the incurable mole. On the very same night he got cured. In order to thank for the favors received the king donated 175 Acres of land on which stands the present shrine.


There are more than 25 rooms available for accommodation.

Community Hall (Veeramamunivar Manimandabam)

Special Functions, seminars, prayer meetings, retreats are conducted here.

Infant Jesus Chapel

To promote the Infant Jesus piety we have Infant Jesus Chapel in front of the Madha kulam (lake).

Adoration Chapel

In order to encourage the devotees to spend time in solitude with the Eucharistic Lord We have a Beautiful Adoration Chapel.

Home for the Aged

To shelter the abanded the former Bishop Paul Arulsamy started oldage home.

Adaikalamadha Dispensary

No decent dispensary around 15kms. Hence Former Bishop Paul Arulsamy started Adaikalamadha Dispensary for Poor and the needy.

Veeramamunivar RC Middle School

The poor children are educated in our school run by the shrine.

Veeramamunivar Arivalayam (Library)

All the 36 books written by veeramamunivar and other precious religious books are preserved in the library.